The Sound American Mission

Sound American Publications starts from a simple desire to open the doors of experimental music to a wider audience. We believe that music is for everyone and should be shared on the most basic human level. We feel that the best way to accomplish this is by creating a direct intellectual, social, and emotional bridge that links audiences and artists.


To do this, we rely on artists’ unique ability to initiate a conversation about what their work means. The contributors to Sound American consist of some of the most brilliant creative minds to be found in music composition and performance in America and abroad, along with similarly knowledgeable music writers, all of whom possess the need and the talent to communicate what makes this music so important.


We provide this information for free through our digital platform, but also understand the value of print media and recordings intended for sustained use.


In its digital format, is a place for ideas, for passion, and for understanding the many ways in which creativity can present itself without the pressure to tailor discussions around the promotion of products.


Sound American Productions publishes recordings and other physical materials that give young composers and performers carte blanche in how they introduce their work to the public. This branch also releases recordings by more established artists with the goal of rethinking the ways in which American musical culture can be viewed by reimagining the cultural, social, and economic contexts that shape its music.