Audra Wolowiec in conversation with Sal Randolph  & Karen Weiser

In the memory and spirit of Pauline Oliveros, and the practice of deep listening that she imagined and embodied over the span of many decades, I invited two poet-artists to create written responses to sound recordings. These women are listeners in the deepest sense, whose works are not easily categorized, from writing to sound to creative acts of resistance. The work of Sal Randolph includes text, sound, actions, and spaces that network voraciously through their intersections. Karen Weiser is a writer and poet whose work sonically shifts from page to margin, from voice to ear. The following interviews are from conversations that began in New York City, November 2016.


listening in every possible way

to everything possible

no matter what one is doing

—Pauline Oliveros


IMAGE: unfinished drawing by a 7th grade student in Amenia, New York (screen print postcard by Audra Wolowiec)